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Langan conducts anchor testing at Alcatraz.

Geologic Hazards

Langan provides engineering geology and geological hazard expertise to clients throughout California and other seismically active and geologically complex regions around the world. Langan works with property owners and their design team, as well as local, state, and federal agencies to implement hazard prevention and protection measures that complement the design intent and aesthetic on new and existing developments. 

Our engineering geologists and geological engineers provide highly specialized services required for the proper characterization of geological hazards, including seismicity, landslides and rockfall, as well as karst, mine tailing piles, and underground mine openings. Our group of geo-hazard professionals coordinates with other Langan disciplines, design team members, and agencies to identify potential impacts of documented geological hazards. Our engineers will develop solutions based on sound engineering design and will oversee their implementation during construction.

In California, our state-certified and licensed professionals address state-mandated geologic hazard investigation requirements for public schools, universities, hospitals, and essential services buildings. This experience can be readily adapted to challenging projects on seismic margins around the world. Our geo-hazard services include:

  • Geological fault studies and investigations
  • Landslide investigations
  • Rockfall analysis
  • Dam and embankment slope stability assessments
  • Landslide, rockfall, and slope stabilization design
  • Mine hazard analysis and stabilization
  • Forensic studies and litigation support 

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