Gregory Biesiadecki and Ken Huber Discuss Shoreline Protection

It’s become clear we need to better protect our shorelines, particularly in urban environments impacted by storm surge flooding. But how? Gregory Biesiadecki, PE, M.ASCE, Principal, and Ken Huber, PE, WEDG, M.ASCE, Senior Project Manager, highlight the vital role geotechnical engineers play in waterfront design in their recent article for GEOSTRATA.

With 60 years of experience combined, Biesiadecki and Huber have worked on numerous waterfront sites in New York City and across the country, helping clients improve resiliency, protect nearby developments, and preserve the environment. In the article, they dig deeper into the array of shoreline protection methods available for waterfront projects, as well as the various aspects that must be considered before choosing the correct method.

Read the article here. GEOSTRATA is the official bi-monthly magazine of the Geo-Institute, a membership organization of American Society of Civil Engineers.