JFK International Airport – Terminal 6

As part of the modernization of JFK Airport, Terminals 6 and 7 are being redeveloped into a 1.2 million SF terminal complex with critical supporting roadways, utilities, aircraft apron, and ground transportation center. The JetBlue terminal will offer nine gates for international and domestic flights, 100,000 SF of dining and retail amenities, and connections to JetBlue Terminal 5. Langan conducted a topographic and utility survey for the site, extracted data from our laser scans to create the digital terrain model, identified areas of environmental concern, and completed a traffic circulation assessment and Maintenance and Protection of Traffic Plans. We are also performing a geotechnical investigation for the terminal design and infrastructure; providing studies focused on foundation recommendations, settlement analyses, seismic classification, and pavement conditions; and assisting with the feasibility design of a geothermal system.