Bronx Point

Bronx Point is a 585,000-SF, mixed-use waterfront site comprised of 540 units of affordable housing, educational community facilities, commercial/retail spaces and open space adjoining the Harlem River waterfront in the Lower Concourse North area of the South Bronx. The site was previously a paved asphalt lot used for temporary storage by city and state agencies and recently underwent a rezoning to add the parcel to the Special Harlem River Waterfront District. Langan provided waterfront engineering services to create a resilient shoreline edge, by removing an existing relieving platform and creating a more natural shoreline slope to reduce tidal energy as sea levels rise. Site/civil engineering services included the design and permitting of underground utilities, permitting of two new stormwater outfalls to the Harlem River and onsite layout and circulation including a new private roadway. Environmental engineering services included completion of a Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP) application, Remedial Investigation Program and Citizen Participation Plan.