Health & Safety

safety policy

Langan is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for our employees, clients, contractors, and communities by striving to achieve our number one goal: to be SAFE (Stay Accident Free Everyday).

Langan’s firm-wide effort goes beyond compliance with applicable federal and state occupational health and safety laws. We have also implemented policies, procedures, operations, and technologies that increase awareness and achievement of our goal.


We strive to prevent work-related injuries to our employees through a program that provides effective health and safety training; eliminates injuries and incidents through hazard identification, risk assessment, and the use of site specific health and safety plans; and reinforces that working safely is a condition of employment.


In early March 2020, Langan established a Coronavirus (CV) Task Force to develop and amend H&S policies to address COVID-19 prevention measures. The CV Task Force proactively transitioned our entire workforce to work from home and developed protocols to conduct work safely in the field during the early stages of the pandemic. Additional COVID-19 prevention measures developed by the CV Task Force include:

  • Establishment of the Return to Office Task Force to help create safe work environments while working in the field and at the office
  • Daily health screenings for field and office employees
  • Reduced office occupancy and new office seating restrictions
  • Reporting procedures and work restrictions for employees with positive COVID-19 tests, symptoms, and/or exposure
  • Approval procedures for domestic and international travel
  • Guidance on vehicle sharing, mass transit usage, and business-related office events
 Deliver services in a manner that goes beyond compliance
 Communicate Langan’s corporate policies and standards proactively
 Identify and control risks through focused H&S planning and ongoing hazard recognition
 Intervene and stop work to address at-risk conditions and behaviors
 Set and review individual H&S performance and participation goals
 Recognize employees who exemplify caring behaviors, positive attitude, and H&S leadership
 Provide effective H&S training and commit the resources required to support a world-class H&S culture
 Report, investigate, and share incident and near-miss root causes and lessons learned
 Engage all staff through regular H&S discussions, corrective actions, and awareness campaigns
 Analyze and share H&S performance weekly during firm-wide operations meetings
 Actively review and update our H&S Management System as part of the plan-do-check-act cycle
 Assess and select subcontractors based on H&S performance, commitment, and collaboration
 Incorporate the H&S requirements of our clients and respond promptly to reduce risk tolerance
 Include subcontractors in our commitment to H&S (click here for Langan’s Subcontractor Information Form)


Langan’s goal is to be SAFE / Stay Accident Free Everyday