Health & Safety

safety policy

Langan is committed to fostering a generative health and safety (H&S) culture that cares for and benefits our employees, clients, contractors, families, and communities. We strive to be industry leaders in the advancement of incident and injury prevention and to achieve our number one goal: to be SAFE (Stay Accident Free Everyday).

The Langan H&S Policy:
  • Delivers services in a manner that goes beyond compliance
  • Communicates Langan’s corporate policies and standards proactively
  • Identifies and controls risks through focused H&S planning and ongoing hazard recognition
  • Intervenes and stops work to address at-risk conditions and behaviors
  • Sets and reviews individual H&S performance and participation goals
  • Recognizes employees who exemplify caring behaviors, positive attitude, and H&S leadership
  • Provides effective H&S training and commits the resources required to support a world-class H&S culture
  • Reports, investigates, and shares incident and near-miss root causes and lessons learned
  • Engages all staff through regular H&S discussions, corrective actions, and awareness campaigns
  • Analyzes and shares H&S performance weekly during firm-wide operations meetings
  • Actively reviews and updates our H&S Management System as part of the plan-do-check-act cycle
  • Assesses and selects subcontractors based on H&S performance, commitment, and collaboration
  • Incorporates the H&S requirements of our clients and responds promptly to reduce risk tolerance
  • Includes subcontractors in our commitment to H&S (click here for Langan’s Subcontractor Information Form)

Langan’s goal is to be SAFE / Stay Accident Free Everyday