Diversify your professional journey by applying your experiences, knowledge, and passion to provide innovative solutions that yield measurable value for our clients, forge new enduring relationships for you and the firm, and bring your career to new heights.


Our legacy would not be possible without our people, both current and past. If your career journey leads you outside our firm, stay connected and continue your relationship with us.

Pictured: Brian, Associate, who returned to Langan in 2013.



Start your professional journey by building a strong foundation for success.

Pictured: Externship Program, Student Marissa (Lafayette College) with Senior Project Scientist Andrew



Transition your career journey by applying your military background to new and challenging assignments at Langan.

“As many veterans will tell you, the shift to a civilian workforce can be difficult due to the fact that military units work and play extremely close. Leaving the military is like leaving a family. What I have found with Langan is that the core values of who we are reflect what I left behind in the Air Force. The quality of the people and the level with which we at Langan treat our staff is unlike any civilian company I know. I am just as proud to call myself a member of this company since 2011 as I was to put on my uniform and serve my country.” – Christopher, Staff Designer