Solar Field – Cypress Creek Renewables

Langan is currently providing site/civil engineering for over 30 of CCR’s 2-megawatt solar sites in New York State and the Dunroamin site in Massachusetts. These projects are being developed under NYSERDA’s community distributed generation or “community solar” program. Local solar farms, like the ones in New York State, benefit the environment, community and nearby residences. Langan prepared full design drawings and stormwater management reports to support the site plan application to the respective Zoning and Planning Boards for each project. These drawings included site layout, grading and drainage, soil erosion and sediment control, and landscaping plans. Langan provided high-quality deliverables on difficult sites under fast-paced schedules, due to the nature of solar funding programs. Considering the complexity of the sites, Langan adapted to the changes in scope presented to meet CCR’s needs and maintains the desired schedules for the projects.