Duquesne University – College of Osteopathic Medicine

Duquesne University is building an 80,000 SF Osteopathic Medical Building with office space, advanced teaching areas, collaboration spaces, osteopathic clinical skills training facilities, and lecture halls. The development also includes renovations to 15,000 SF of the Gumberg Library as part of the improvements to support the osteopathic medicine practice. Langan’s site/civil team is driving the project through a majority of the permitting process, including a PWSA Water and Sewer Permitting and Sewage Facilities Planning Module, stormwater management design, and erosion and sediment pollution control design. Our geotechnical engineers developed an investigation plan that allows the design team to advance the structural and project design without invasive drilling within the building footprints. We are also providing construction documents, contractor bid coordination, and visual observations during construction.