“At Langan I have the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects, ranging from mixed-use developments, to large scale demolition projects, public schools, and even the occasional cemetery! Every day is a new challenge and nothing is cookie cutter about the projects we work on. If you are looking for a challenging, fast-paced environment where you can work on interesting, high-profile projects, then you belong here too.”



“My focus has always been on software development and engineering. At Langan, I have the opportunity to work closely with highly trained expert engineers who work on complex and challenging projects. Not only does my work provide me with the challenge I crave, but it’s fun in that it enables me to explore the latest technologies, including virtual reality and augmented reality. I am very proud to be part of the team at Langan.”



“To me, Langan is a company of opportunity. Since 2012, I have had the opportunity to work on some of the world’s most difficult engineering projects and to learn from, and work alongside, some of the industry’s most talented engineers. It’s this culture of collaboration that allows Langan to continue to be an industry leader and attract top talent. If you want the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects and be recognized and rewarded for good work, Langan is the place for you!”




“I have worked primarily on industrial developments, but have also had the opportunity to expand upon my skillset by working on mixed-use developments, residential complexes, and solar farms. Each project brings its own set of unique challenges, which makes each project different from the last and keeps the work I do both new and engaging. The diverse projects are one reason why I was initially drawn to Langan, but it is the collaborative environment that made me join the company as a full-time employee after my internship experience. Each day I learn something new and I am guided by those around me to ensure that I continue to
grow as a professional.”




“Throughout my career at Langan as a site/civil engineer, I have had the opportunity to work on diverse, technically challenging projects, which have allowed me to strengthen my skillset through practical experiences. Langan offers a wide variety of opportunities which promote professional growth, such as the Inter-Discipline Engagement and Awareness Program (IDEA). Through my involvement in the IDEA Program, I have had the opportunity to grow my professional network by developing technical and social relationships throughout the firm, and have become a more well-versed engineer by exploring all the services Langan has to offer.”



“As many veterans will tell you, the shift to a civilian workforce can be difficult due to the fact that military units work and play extremely close. Leaving the military is like leaving a family. What I have found with Langan is that the core values of who we are reflect what I left behind in the Air Force. The quality of the people and the level with which we at Langan treat our staff is unlike any civilian company I know. I am just as proud to call myself a member of this company since 2011 as I was to put on my uniform and serve my country.”



“At Langan I have worked on diverse and challenging projects large and small. My work includes large high rises in NYC, shopping malls, schools, and warehousing, as well as the occasional small job such as a security structure. Langan has such tremendous in-house capabilities that I can collaborate with and work on challenging projects with many other disciplines on a daily basis. I have been with Langan for 14 years and in that time I have never once been bored and I truly enjoy the people I work with.”



“I came to Langan with several years of environmental and geotechnical engineering consulting experience. I found that Langan provides a unique opportunity to work on a variety of interesting, challenging projects with passionate, experienced colleagues. The company culture to not only exist, but to excel, is refreshing.”