Success seems mysterious. It’s the subject of countless books and is expounded on by business pundits, yet still the secret eludes many companies. But what if there is no “secret”? What if the path to success is to simply give employees opportunities to push beyond their boundaries, collaborate with colleagues, and do great work for clients, while at the same time doing the right thing for employees, the community, and the environment?

That formula for success isn’t found in a textbook — yet it’s not just theory. It’s the way Langan has been successful for 50 years.

Talk with anyone at the firm—from its leaders to its most recent hires — and the concept of culture comes up as the most essential element at Langan.

What’s at the heart of Langan’s culture? It’s commonly summarized by three principles that shape Langan’s practice: Technical Excellence, Practical Experience, and Client Responsiveness.

As educated, ambitious, and competitive workers, Langan employees are encouraged to be entrepreneurs in every way. They devote themselves wholeheartedly to designing innovative solutions to client problems. They collaborate across technical disciplines and offices, readily sharing information and expertise, openly soliciting knowledge and assistance, and voluntarily contributing to problem-solving whenever and wherever possible. The payoffs? Amazing projects, satisfied clients, deeper practical knowledge, and groundbreaking technological advances.

While culture defines Langan’s success, the structure of Langan’s culture rests on three foundational concepts.


Langan engineers, scientists, landscape architects, planners, surveyors, and technical specialists are recognized as the best in their respective disciplines. Employees come from top schools and are encouraged to remain at the leading edge of technology by publishing scholarly papers, shaping technical and regulatory standards, attending continuing education courses and professional conferences, attaining professional registrations and certifications, and earning advanced degrees.


With 50 years in business, there is little in the world of engineering and environmental services that our experts have not seen. Langan recruits problem solvers who welcome the opportunity to use science and technology combined with ingenuity to find practical solutions that meet and exceed client goals.


Technical excellence and practical experience are expected from consulting firms with a successful track record, but nothing is more important than responsiveness to clients. Every employee at Langan is naturally responsive – it’s in our DNA. In fact, the majority of our business relationships are longstanding specifically because of our responsiveness, a responsiveness that differentiates Langan from the competition.