Langan has never hesitated to expand to take advantage of opportunities. From the beginning, the firm welcomed every chance to engage in whatever assignments clients contemplated and to follow clients wherever projects led them, adding personnel and offices while taking measures to ensure that its culture would thrive and adapt to new circumstances.

New personnel and offices reflect the shifting needs of established clients and the economic potential of new geographic regions. Typically launched by senior managers seeking opportunity, expansion offices are given time to become familiar with key players in their local markets and to make their presence known and appreciated, thanks to the backing of a firm with an entrepreneurial view of risk.

This deeply engrained entrepreneurialism underpins the history behind new offices in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, California, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC — and also Langan International, the firm’s subsidiary operating in Europe, Canada, Central America, and the Middle East. Langan’s continual expansion into new sectors and services follows the same trajectory. Our people are attracted to unprecedented challenges and new disciplines, and have often turned their personal ambitions into successful additions to Langan’s business.


Although Langan has preferred to grow organically rather than by acquisition, in 2010 we acquired San Francisco-based Treadwell & Rollo, a highly respected geotechnical and environmental engineering firm. The two firms had much in common: both provided premier geotechnical engineering and environmental services, both enjoyed the respect of clients and peers, and both had similar cultural underpinnings.

Upon acquisition, Langan added site/civil engineering to the Bay Area to complete our integrated services offering. The results of Langan’s one and only acquisition have been tremendous: 170 employees in seven California offices, which means statewide reach and the capabilities to support clients from coast to coast.

Frank Rollo and Don Treadwell
Philip Tringale and David Gockel