Four Langan Employees Graduate from ACEC New York Leadership Institute

Last month, ACEC New York recognized its 2023 Leadership Institute graduates, including four Langan employees:

  • Anthony Cennamo, Senior Project Manager, Geotechnical
  • Stephanie Duffield, Project Engineer, Environmental
  • Patrick Farnham, Senior Project Manager, Environmental
  • Robert March, Senior Project Scientist, Natural Resources

This prestigious program identifies future leaders and helps them develop the skills needed to grow engineering organizations and create more vibrant, dynamic, and profitable places to work.

Participants are required to attend nine learning sessions in total, including a one-on-one coaching meeting. During these sessions, the students engage in an in-depth exploration of techniques to improve their leadership skills, including listening and communicating to help motivate, leading during conflict, and establishing a leadership culture.

Learn more about the 2023 graduating class.