Improving the Data Management Process with Mobile Data Collection

Integrating mobile field data collection into a data management process brings a multitude of benefits. To highlight some of these benefits, Langan performed a case study using a former chemical manufacturing facility with a longstanding groundwater monitoring program. Data at this facility was historically collected and checked using manual methods. Langan implemented an electronic workflow and compared the old and new workflow to evaluate the benefits.

Q&A: Enterprise Software Solutions
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Often working with two-dimensional maps can leave audiences struggling to grasp an idea or concept, especially when interpreting large quantities of data that may be better represented and visualized with the addition of the third dimension. Three-dimensional visualizations can add clarity to sites with complex surface and subsurface conditions that two-dimensional maps and plans are unable to accomplish. Langan utilizes various software packages that have 3D capabilities to create extremely realistic representations of the complex environment in which our clients’ sites exist. Whether it is meeting with regulators, a planning board, the public, providing expert witness testimony, or targeting areas for remediation, preparing 3D visualizations has proven to be a valuable tool in helping educate and illustrate site complexities where two dimensional maps are limited.