1509 Smallman Street – Pittsburgh

The 1509 Smallman Street development is located at 15th and Smallman streets, adjacent to the produce terminal in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. The development, known as District Fifteen, features 105,000 SF of commercial office space features 105,000 SF of commercial office space, which will be occupied by Facebook’s Oculus division, along with 150 surface parking spaces. In support of the development, Langan’s traffic team attended a scoping meeting with the City of Pittsburgh to determine the scope needed for a Transportation Impact Assessment. This meeting enabled Langan to build consensus with the review agencies on the scope of the study, trip generation and methodology for trip distribution, analysis years and growth factors. To complete the assessment, the Langan traffic team conducted a field examination, performed manual traffic counts, developed trip distributions, developed future base volumes using an appropriate background traffic growth factor, conducted peak capacity analyses, and prepared a traffic study report suitable for submission to the review agencies.