770 House / 7th and Jackson Resiliency Park

Langan implemented the design of a cloud-based outlet control into the stormwater management system for this project, which is located in a coastal city faced with the challenges of global climate change and the impacts of  frequent localized flooding, as well as catastrophic-scale flooding issues.

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Langan’s engineers helped develop a stormwater management approach that allowed for the storage of a volume of stormwater equal to the 10-year storm across the entire site of 700 Jackson. This far exceeds the normal regulatory requirement that the redevelopment would have been subject to, which would have required no stormwater detention on the site because the redevelopment actually increases the amount of pervious surface on-site.

Taking this challenge one step further, Langan’s engineers worked with the local sewage authority to implement the design of a cloud-based outlet control into the stormwater management system, allowing the sewage authority to remotely monitor the combined sewer system, its capacity and flows in real time, and regulate discharges from the on-site stormwater detention system to avoid further overwhelming the combined sewer overflow system. This system is a significant example of one tool that can be used by urban, coastal cities to mitigate the negative impacts of combined sewer overflow systems.


The 700 Jackson Redevelopment and Resiliency Park Project includes a large, mixed-use residential building with 424 residential units, approximately 26,000 SF of commercial space, and a parking deck with 415 parking spaces for shared use by residents and the general public. The project also includes three major public areas: a brand new public gymnasium, a public park with open green spaces and a children’s play area, and a public plaza designed for public programming and activities.