Cypress Creek Renewables – Community Solar


Langan has provided multidisciplinary services on more than 60 CCR solar projects throughout the Northeast and East Coast, successfully preparing high-quality deliverables on complex sites with fast-paced schedules due to the nature of solar funding programs. Developed under the solar incentive programs of each state, these projects benefit the environment, community, and nearby residences.

For each project, our team considers the individual complexities of the site and adapts the scope to meet CCR’s needs and desired project schedule. Langan prepares full land development design drawings and stormwater management reports for site plan applications, including site layout, grading and drainage, soil erosion and sediment control, and landscaping plans; coordinates with local agencies to obtain permits; and supports the projects through the entitlement process. This support includes the preparation of photo-realistic renderings, viewshed assessments, visual impact assessment reports, natural resources permitting, traffic engineering, geotechnical investigation, and glare analyses as needed for the projects.