Ideanomics Fintech Village Global Headquarters

Transformation is underway to redevelop the former University of Connecticut campus into Fintech Village, an entrepreneurial work-live-play global headquarters of Ideanomics, a publicly-traded New York-based technology company. One side of the site will house specialized work spaces across multiple buildings while on the other side, a vibrant residential village with amenities such as dining, retail, community centers, parking and support services, will be developed. Langan performed a targeted survey of the 60-acre site including topography, utility, and drainage checks as well as extensive documentation of existing trees. Our team developed a holistic, sustainable drainage design to replace the existing, traditional gray infrastructure on-site. Langan also performed a traffic analysis of the surrounding area was and the results were integrated into the proposed re-design of Trout Brook Drive, a major thoroughfare in the Town of West Hartford which travels through the center of the proposed Fintech Village.