Power Plant Wastewater Treatment System Design

Langan was retained to address concerns associated with the levels of oils/grease from frequent spills to the Delaware River by a large power plant facility. Another concern at the facility was the variation in pH and severe wear and tear in the existing hypalon liner at the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Basin (IWTB). A detailed review of existing site conditions, previous studies and data was conducted by Langan to develop the most efficient design for treating the oil/grease and pH and meet effluent discharge requirements. A characterization of the influent flows was also performed based on a study completed in 1993. After the initial review, Langan developed and designed a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit with input from vendors. Our teams then preparde the final design package, including a design report detailing the process flow diagram and process and instrumentation diagrams, manufacturer’s equipment specifications, and construction drawings. Implementation of the oil/grease removal pH neutralization systems aided the facility in reaching compliance with the effluent requirements.