Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer & Data Center Plaza

Langan was retained to provide engineering, site design, and land development services to convert an existing multi-story office building into a state-of-the-art cancer care center. Landscaped walkways will provide patient access to the surrounding woodlands and will expand recreational opportunities. Lush entry gardens and courtyards will help to create a soothing and therapeutic environment. The project will include sustainable design elements such as restoring the office building minimizing site disturbance, preserving environmentally sensitive areas, adding low-impact design features such as rain gardens and selective use of pervious paving to manage stormwater from newly paved surfaces, installing LED site lighting, and landscaping with native and adapted plants. The overall site design will allow patients to enter the redesigned building at the upper and lower levels while providing improved vehicle and pedestrian circulation patterns. This project is LEED Gold certified.
2018 ACEC New York Engineering Excellence: Platinum Award