Nashville Airport Concourse D and Terminal Wings

Langan is assisting the Hensel Phelps design-build team with geotechnical design and construction aspects of the Nashville Airport Concourse D and Terminal Wings expansion project. The project includes construction of a new 43,000-SF Concourse D and South Terminal, the 36,500-SF North Terminal, and a new central utility plant. Because the site is located in a karst region, Langan completed a supplemental geotechnical investigation to further explore the depth and quality of the rock, the pinnacling nature of the rock surface, and to assess possible voids in the rock formation. Langan provided geotechnical recommendations and specifications for design of new shallow and deep foundations at the site including footings, drilled piers, micropiles, and tie-down anchors. Langan also provided recommendations for geotechnical-related aspects of the project such as earthwork, temporary shoring, and karst mitigation. Our engineering team is currently coordinating with the structural engineers and contractors to optimize the foundation systems and is providing on-site inspection of drilled pier load testing and installation.