Rockefeller University Expansion – Stavros Niarchos Foundation-David Rockefeller River Campus

Utilizing space extending over Manhattan’s FDR East River Drive, Rockefeller University constructed a 160,000 SF platform overbuild to expand its campus. The two-acre space includes new laboratories, collaborative settings, and campus facilities, such as the Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis Research Building. Langan completed subsurface investigations within the campus and FDR Drive, provided recommendations for foundation and support of excavation design, conducted construction oversight and Special Inspections, assembled highway construction plans and obtained signoffs for the realignment of FDR, and prepared a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan. We also oversaw the stormwater management, shared vs. individual utility services, site access/loading, utility relocations, and permitting approvals; provided topographic, boundary, and utility surveys for the site; and performed 3D laser scans of the building facades.
2023 American Institute of Architects, Architecture Award
2021 ULI New York, Excellence in Institutional Development Finalist
2015 Public Design Commission, Award for Excellence in Design