Sixth Wave Logistics

Sixth Wave Logistics is redeveloping a strategic infill site, with a state of the art 195,000-SF warehouse building with car and trailer parking lots. For this redevelopment, Langan is providing site/civil, traffic, and geotechnical engineering, surveying, professional planning, and natural resources. The site/civil team evaluated utility services to the project site including stormwater, sanitary sewer, water, electric, and gas. This included calculating anticipated utility demands, obtaining hydrant flow tests to verify the available water pressure and flow or ordering tests if none are available. Additionally, the site is located in the tidal flood plain so Langan developed a grading design to elevate the building out of the regulated flood hazard area. Lastly, Langan developed a stormwater management system to reduce flows from the site into the adjacent constrained city conveyance system. This project requires obtaining approvals from the City Planning Board and NJDEP Land Use Group.