The Spiral – 66 Hudson Boulevard

A 1,005-foot-tall office tower is rising at 66 Hudson Boulevard as part of the Hudson Yards Redevelopment project. Dubbed “The Spiral,” this 65-story building boasts 2.85 million SF of office and retail space, and an innovative design with cascading outdoor terraces accessible from every floor. During the project’s initial phases, Langan performed design consultation on the loading dock capacity, layout, circulation, and operations, and prepared a Delivery Vehicle Logistics Assessment. We also prepared a topographic, boundary, and utility survey; developed a Builders Pavement Plan; designed sewer connections; and performed required inspections. We are collaborating with BIG and Adamson Associates Architects to develop a unique streetscape design featuring distinctive paving, continuous planted tree pits, and security bollards around the perimeter of the site. The Spiral is expected to obtain LEED Silver certification.