Transfer Facility – New Stormwater Outfall

Our client is transforming a former oil refinery into a liquid product transfer facility, which is undergoing renovation and reconfiguration and requires a new direct discharge line to be installed. Langan is assisting the client with the field investigation for the installation of a new stormwater outfall line from the waste water treatment facility. Our team performed a thorough underground utility survey to clear the way and adjust the alignment of the new 1,900-FT-long outfall pipe. We utilized a specialty utility locating and mark-out contractor to perform this task under our direct full-time supervision, and performed a focused topographic and utility survey of the outfall alignment area to confirm and supplement the available survey information. Langan also assisted the outfall designer in selecting a suitable alignment for the outfall pipe, performed a geotechnical field investigation for the outfall alignment and the discharge headwall, and provided deep foundation recommendations for their support.