UGI Bethlehem LNG Facility

Located on a 99-acre property within the Lehigh Valley Industrial Park, this project consisted of an 80-foot-tall, 2,000,000-gallon LNG tank with associated site improvements, including a gas compressor, vaporizer, field office, and loading pads. The site included wetlands, streams, floodplains, significant changes in topography, wooded areas, and varying depths of bedrock. A primary challenge was designing the sitework so earthwork quantities were optimized, cuts and fills were minimized, and development into natural areas was limited. Langan provided real-time site optimization modeling to achieve these goals while maintaining the integrity of the operational site components. We also provided expert testimony to support the zoning approval and prove that the project would be constructed without adverse impacts to the public’s health, safety, and welfare from development, traffic, and stormwater standpoints.
2022 ACEC National Recognition Award
2022 ACEC Pennsylvania, Diamond Award for Engineering Excellence