Power & transmission

Langan provides technical expertise to utilities and developers. Our integrated mix of engineering and environmental services ideally support power development projects, including plants and transmission. Projects that span long and short distances and traverse roadways and bodies of water require the technical and regulatory expertise Langan possesses. 

  • Foundation design for new plants and substations
  • Trenchless stream, roadway, and rail crossings using HDD and microtunnels
  • Siting and routing studies
  • Cultural resources and endangered species
  • Wetland delineation and mitigation planning and design
  • EIS/NEPA assessments
  • Permitting/FERC
  • Subsurface investigations for environmental clearance
  • Management of impacted soils
  • GIS/surveying and 3D laser scanning
  • Traffic engineering for highway access during construction
  • Site grading and roadways
  • Stormwater management
  • Site design
  • SPCC and SWPP
  • Construction management during plant, substation, and transmission line development
  • Aerial mapping