Traffic/Pedestrian Circulation

and Space Planning

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for the Right-of-Way (ROW) to provide additional space for health screenings, outdoor dining, and curbside pick-ups. This demand for additional space reduces the available capacity for vehicular circulation as people avoid the use of mass transit.


The CDC’s guideline of a minimum of 6-feet of social distancing creates additional challenges requiring longer queuing and gathering spaces within the ROW. Implementing social distancing would also reduce sidewalk and open space capacities that were already at or near maximum capacity before the pandemic.

Langan’s transportation team can help with these challenges. We have experience in closing streets, expanding sidewalks and street corners, analyzing walkway capacities, and modeling pedestrian flows through lobbies and security zones. We have successfully developed Transportation Management Plans to model game day circulation for major sporting events generating huge vehicle and pedestrian volumes. Our portfolio includes successfully obtaining Community Reassessment, Impact, and Amelioration (CRIA) approval for a long-term street closure in Astoria, analyzing and recommending pedestrian infrastructure expansions in Flushing, analyzing pedestrian circulation within the lobbies of office buildings in Midtown and Lower Manhattan, obtaining approvals for streetscape improvements for Queens Plaza, and preparing comprehensive Transportation Event Management Plans for NFL teams (including the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets, and New York Giants).

We have begun applying this experience and expertise to help property owners, architects, developers, and construction managers navigate post-COVID challenges and are available to help.


Adnan Pasha PE, Director of Transportation Engineering (New York) | 917.297.0182