Langan and its employees are committed to being global citizens through volunteerism, conservation and philanthropy. We believe in being active stewards of the world we live in – it is one of our Core Values:

Citizenship – Contribute our time, skills and knowledge to foster change in the communities where we live and work.

This commitment to corporate social responsibility takes many forms, and our employees are empowered to find ways that reflect how they can impact their communities.

community support

Supporting our People and their Communities

We partner with more than 130 non-profit and charitable organizations to support initiatives focused on community development, medical research, economic opportunity, humanitarian aid, education, and advancement of our profession.

We are proud of the philanthropic contributions we make to these groups, and humbled by the individual community service efforts of our employees. Some of the organizations we partner with include Engineers Without Borders, Habitat for Humanity, ACE Mentoring Program, American Red Cross, and American Cancer Society.

We also take great pride in helping to provide our future engineers, scientists, and technical specialists with access to educational resources. We support STEM programs at colleges and universities throughout the country, including Rutgers University, Virginia Tech, University of California, Berkeley, Stevens Institute of Technology, University of Illinois, Purdue University, New York University, and others.

empowering our women

Launched in 2015, Women@Langan is an employee resource group where all levels of staff can comfortably network, learn from one another, and achieve professional and personal success. The group holds regular programming that spans a range of topics and is open to all genders, as well as promotes Langan women to be highly visible outside the office as industry leaders.


Foster an atmosphere of mentorship and support to empower women to achieve career and personal success.

  • Provide a forum for women to develop a community, share experiences, and form an identity as a professional.
  • Provide opportunities for networking, mentoring and support for the development of careers both internally and within the industry.
  • Promote advancement of women to leadership positions at Langan through advocacy and increased visibility.

Protecting Our Planet

All Langan services have a tendency toward sustainable design, and we practice what we preach. The Langan Corporate Sustainability Plan is an actionable framework that lays out a strategy to further expand our sustainable practices and services, formalizes employee-led “green” grass-roots efforts, and minimizes our environmental footprint in the places where we operate.

The plan sets measurable internal goals that apply to all aspects of our operations, ranging from purchasing and human resources, to office siting and design. Learn about Langan’s Corporate Sustainability Plan and Sustainability Progress Update.

Langan is committed to applying principles of sustainability and environmental stewardship to our internal operations. In addition to minimizing the environmental footprint of our operations through efforts described in the plans above, Langan also partners with CarbonFund, a non-profit entity, that manages carbon reduction projects that protect the environment and reduce the threat of climate change.

We believe corporate citizenship is more than our responsibility – it’s our reward