Lori Simpson Invited to Speak at DFI SuperPile ’24 Conference

Lori Simpson, Managing Principal, is one of the renowned speakers presenting at Deep Foundation Institute (DFI)’s upcoming SuperPile ’24 Conference in California. Together with M. Byrl Williams of Foundation Constructors, Simpson will discuss San Francisco’s growth from a small town of approximately 460 people to a major city of 25,000 in two years, stemming from the California Gold Rush of 1849.

The presentation, entitled “The History of Deep Foundations in San Francisco,” will focus on the city’s challenging subsurface conditions caused by efforts to reclaim land and create much-needed space. This involved dumping a variety of materials into the bay, including sand, excavated soil, bedrock rubble, sunken ships, and building debris. Today, construction continues on complicated sites throughout San Francisco, requiring geotechnical expertise and the use of advanced deep foundations.

Simpson has over 30 years of experience providing geotechnical engineering services, with a specific focus on complex projects in the Bay Area and Greater Seattle. She is also a Trustee and Secretary of DFI’s Executive Committee.

DFI is an international organization with over 4,000 members who are involved in the design and construction of deep foundations, excavations, and tunneling.

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