Test the Water

Langan at the Forefront on PFAS-Contaminated Drinking Water

Federal and state agencies are adopting stringent drinking water standards to protect against risks associated with PFAS. While regulations may vary from agency to agency, the goal remains the same for water purveyors: support the community by identifying and implementing effective and economical remedies for PFAS-contaminated drinking water.


Q&A: Aircraft Deicing Management
What is aircraft deicing and why is environmental management needed?


TECH FOCUS: Streamlining Environmental Compliance through Centralized Regulatory Data

Navigating a project through the ever-changing world of environmental compliance can be an overwhelming task. Between evolving regulatory requirements and agency-specific standards, it is easy to feel discombobulated when determining how certain regulations will impact a site. To maintain a project’s schedule and budget—while remaining environmentally responsible and minimizing risk—it’s vital to engage a regulatory expert to guide you through the complicated process.




ESG SPOTLIGHT: Identifying Weak Links in Your ESG Program

Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) disclosures have evolved beyond reporting of operational metrics, such as carbon emissions, employee professional development, or Board diversity. Today’s corporate disclosures encompass an increasingly complex landscape of climate-related risks and opportunities and targets. However, companies often focus exclusively on external risk factors such as extreme weather events and shifting markets, neglecting internal policies and practices.