Coil Coater Wastewater Treatment System Design

Langan was retained to address concerns associated with the levels of suspended solids contained in this coil coating facility’s discharge of process wastewater to the municipal sewer system. The possibility of inadvertent leaking or accidental discharge to groundwater through the existing system was also of significant concern to the facility and inspecting agency. A detailed review of existing site conditions was conducted by Langan to obtain and develop facility as-built drawings. In addition, Langan obtained field measurements to determine compatibility with process equipment. A wastewater characterization effort was also completed to define average and peak flow rates and effluent quality. Available utilities, location of existing process equipment and the possibility of adverse weather conditions were all recorded to take into consideration during the design process. After the initial review, Langan developed and designed a filtering method to cost effectively reduce solid levels in the facility discharge. Implementation of the solids removal system will aid the facility in reaching compliance with the effluent requirements and save significant fines and further agency violations.