Confidential Refinery Modernization Project

The multi-billion dollar modernization effort involves fast-tracked geotechnical and seismic engineering studies for the modernization of this large refinery located on the Pacific coast. The ground motions and tsunami microzonation studies performed by Langan and our subconsultant were consistent with the definitions of the levels of earthquake “shaking” in the Peruvian code. The team performed both probabilistic seismic hazard analysis (PSHA) and deterministic analysis to develop the spectral acceleration estimates and tsunami wave runups required as part of the microzonation study. Langan performed an extensive two phased geotechnical study consisting of more than 100 test borings to 30-meter deep and 100 25-meter deep cone penetrometer tests. An array of geophysical testing was also performed to complement the borings and evaluate the subsurface conditions.