Dubai Creek Harbour – Creek Gate Towers

The goal of the new Dubai Creek Harbour development is to integrate a smart, green city, while building on cultural heritage. The 113-million-SF project will contain 9 different districts and is expected to take 30 years to build. The mixed-use development will include waterfront eco-resorts, a marina and yacht club, commercial and retail spaces, luxury residences, and educational amenities. Creek Gate Towers, two of the project’s most anticipated residential buildings, will each rise 30-stories, house over 400 luxury apartments, and offer spectacular views of Dubai Creek Tower, a magnificent gravity-defying structure unparalleled in weight and strength. Langan reviewed previous geotechnical reports and developed a 3D geotechnical Finite Element Method (FEM) model of the towers’ foundations, podiums and the surrounding soil and rock. Langan prepared a final report to summarize findings and results, which included interpretation of subsurface conditions, derivation of soil, rock and interface properties, description and assumptions of the FEM model, analysis results and calculated pile springs, recommendations for transient load analysis, and lateral load analysis results.