Harlem Meer Pool and Rink Reconstruction

Restoration of Central Park’s northern end includes the redevelopment of the Lasker Rink and Pool facility on the Harlem Meer; improvements to the shoreline; construction of a boardwalk and pergola; and replacement of invasive plant materials with sustainable emergent aquatic plantings. Langan prepared an environmental assessment statement; performed geotechnical investigations (including borings); provided recommendations and design requirements for support of new structures, slope stabilization, and design of Support of Excavation; and filed permits with multiple New York City agencies. We also conducted on-site design for the new facility, including grading, stormwater drainage, utilities, stream-daylighting, Specifications for Erosion and Sediment Control, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, and construction details. Once complete, the rehabilitated space will be a vital resource for the surrounding community, providing a scenic, recreational area for visitors.
2021 Public Design Commission, Award for Excellence in Design