Presidio of San Francisco

Since 2000, Langan has provided as-needed consulting services at Presidio National Park, formerly an Army base. Some key projects include:

Environmental Remediation: We have assisted with the remediation and closing of 12 distinct sites within the Presidio (including the “clean closure” of four uncontrolled landfills), preparing documents spanning the full range of CERCLA (Superfund) and Petroleum Hydrocarbon cleanup activities.

Groundwater Monitoring: Tasks include sounding, purging, and sampling over 200 wells, installing wells, managing and interpreting the chemical data, and producing a groundwater monitoring report for each sampling period using GIS.

Slope Stability: After a historical road was uncovered and restored, we performed a slope stability analysis, provided slope strengthening design, and evaluated the stability of a retaining wall. The project involved coordination with public agencies, regulatory agencies, and citizens because the Lyon Street Steps are located on federal land adjacent to residential property.