UCSF Parnassus Moffitt Hospital

Langan provided engineering services for the seismic evaluation of the existing Moffitt Hospital and Medical Sciences Building at the UCSF Parnassus Campus. The Moffitt Hospital is a 15-story concrete structure over one basement level. The northern wing of the Medical Sciences Building is a 13-story structure over one basement level, while the southern wing is a 14-story structure at grade. We reviewed subsurface information at the site and its vicinity, developed site-specific response spectra, and provided geotechnical foundation criteria for existing walls and footings. After performing a downhole seismic velocity survey and drilling a 100-foot deep boring, we recommended vertical and rotational stiffness parameters of existing foundations and response spectra for the appropriate soil profile type. Our team performed probabilistic seismic hazard analyses and deterministic analyses to develop response spectra for two levels of shaking for each building.