Westbrook Plaza

This innovative mixed-use project combines affordable housing and a community medical center to serve the need for more primary and family health services in the SoMa district of San Francisco. Located on 7th Street, the development offers 48 affordable housing units, a 20,0000-SF community health center, a common room, a small pharmacy, and subsurface parking. The two main buildings are connected with a below-grade parking level that extends beneath the entire site. The site is at the edge of the westernmost portion of the northern lobe of the former Sullivan Marsh area. Granular fill, beach deposits, Bay mud, and shoreline deposits underlie the site. During construction Langan observed installation of a tied-back soldier pile and lagging shoring system, underpinning piers, compaction grouting beneath the mat to mitigate liquefaction potential, and chemical grouting to underpin adjacent buildings, and mat subgrade preparation.