Effective and Efficient Soil and Groundwater Remediation

The Power of Soil Vapor Extraction and Air Sparging

When it comes to soil and groundwater remediation, a few techniques stand out from the others. Categorized as “Above-Ground Treatment Technologies,” these time-tested, cost-effective, and reliable remediation techniques remain the go-to solutions for most remedial alternative evaluations, implementing the principle of physically extracting matter to facilitate the transfer of contaminants from the subsurface ahead of above-ground treatment. In fact, soil vapor extraction (SVE) and air sparging technologies can remediate significant dissolved, sorbed, and even some free-phase concentrations of volatile chlorinated and petroleum compounds.


Q&A: Industrial Wastewater
What are some common issues encountered when working with industrial wastewater treatment systems?


TECH FOCUS: Simplifying Data Management for Complex Sites

Guiding projects through the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Site Remediation and Waste Program is a unique process, especially for those unfamiliar with New Jersey regulations. Technical requirements, project-specific regulatory and mandatory timeframes, and administrative requirements are ever-evolving, which can get complicated when working on complex sites with over a decade of environmental history, commingled contaminant plumes, or off-site sources.




ESG SPOTLIGHT: The Potential Impacts of Emerging State Climate-Related Disclosure Legislation on US Businesses

California, New York, and Washington State have worked through 2023 to advance their own climate disclosure requirements ahead of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) climate disclosure rule, which is expected to be authorized by the end of October 2023.